Opening Doors to Elevate Your Guest's Experience

​To achieve our shared goal of complete guest satisfaction, Empire Hotel Services relies on 3 key practices.


True partnerships are built on honesty and transparency. Empire will always deliver on that promise. While working with some of the leading hotels for over 25 years, we realized the need for a staffing company that truly understands the hotel's needs and expectations.

As a staffing management company, we have developed practices that will raise and maintain guest satisfaction scores to their highest levels - and are unsurpassed in the way we partner with our clients.


Your dedicated employee manager will visit your property daily for random property inspections. Empire maintains weekly schedules and will cover any callouts. Empire will work collaboratively with hotel management to ensure all services exceed your expectations.


Empire is dedicated to delivering quality service with a smile. Our management team takes a hands-on approach with each hotel. Our staff members are highly trained in the hospitality industry for the department they are hired. We are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Empire employees are highly motivated by the unique compensation and benefit packages we offer.